Lavish Line a truly unique concept born Indian and infused with international excellence was created with a view to bring you stunning range of outdoor furniture to cater to every need, be it personal or commercial. By doing so we wish to change the way India and world at large looks at outdoor furnishing.

we wish to bring the platform aesthetic, incredible quality yet comfortable and easy to maintain outdoor furniture that will be an experience worth having. In todays fast paced life we often give very little tought to relishing the outdorr experience be it an office or a personal leisure. Our product range will help you set the mood for what your heart desires.


Lavish Line, an on going process of creating superior quality outdoor furniture was created and conceptualized by 3 promoters who had a vision & passion to change the current scenario of outdoor furniture existing in India. By creating Indian made world-class furniture with international fineness. Lavish Line was formed in November 2014 with a commitment to create top notch Outdoor Furniture, with a promise to always deliver the very best to its Indian Patrons.


We are furniture architects and like to create something unique rite from Designing the master pieces to Finishing it to perfection.


Quality is the most important thing to us at Lavish Line. Quality of fiber, fabric,frames,hand weaving to even the smallest screw used in our furniture is checked thoroughly and than processed. We give you the best because you deserve it!


" Rock L Shape Lounger makes me want to spend more time outdoors. This lounger is the place where once again the whole family sits together and share laughter. "

Seemank Bhatt

" My Moonbeam swing.... a fun favourite corner of the entire house. "

Viral Patel

" Helix coffee table feels like it is custom made for our cozy balcony.It perfectly suits our style. "

Hitanshu Bhatti

" Uniq longer is truly unique!! Its been 3 months that we got it home but the compliments keeps pouring in still and i am loving it! "

Dhara Desai

" Lavish Line Planters are just so perfect!! they have totally uplifted the look of my garden. "

Kruti Shah

" Impressed with the variety of outdoor furniture by Lavish Line. It can compete with any good italian outdoor furniture brand. Love the Glace lounging set. "

Aastha Agrawal