Content & Design

“A design isn’t finished until someone is using it.”
Brenda Laurel’s words stay true to its purpose, but according to me,
“A design isn’t finished until there is a narrative of how it is meant to be used.”

Humans need connections; connections with a space. Those can be achieved by weaving words into a story. Writers justify the design, explain it to the world and make it worth the discussion. As an Architect, I strongly believe that a design is not just a few strokes along the X,Y and Z axis but is a beautiful amalgamation of the functionality, aesthetics, ethnicity, historic data, and the desires of the occupant.

Architectural Content Writing demands for a better understanding of history. This demand became the driving force in my pursuit to become an Architectural Historian and Critical Writer from University College of London. Identifying the value of words, I realised that mere words can either make or break a design. In these times, when impactful content is lesser to be seen, I urge to uplift and be a pillar for all the designers, by choosing to be a storyteller FOR Architecture.

Every space exists with a fortification of human connection and a narrative. It is not just a white wall that you see in the room but a blank canvas which was either occupied by family portraits or is yet to be painted red. According to Julia Morgan, “Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves”, and I can vouch that I am a writer who understands the world of design because that’s where my roots lie. I can speak your language, whether it is to build a clear and compelling narrative to explain your work or reinforce your principles to help you reach a wider audience.

– Krishna Dadawala