About Us

Who we are

Lavishline was born in 2012 as a wicker furniture manufacturer. We are located in Vadodara, Gujarat. We strive to find the perfect balance between the beauty of nature and the comforts of mankind by creating Indian made world class furniture with international fineness. Since then we have grown into a prime resource for distributors and clients. Our customers have voted with their preferences and made our natural fibers, such as Rattan, Hyacinth and Rope, our most popular materials. But Lavishline is still expanding; we have expanded into woodwork and beautiful fabrics. Through our years of experience, we have developed production techniques that combine highly specialized craftsmanship and natural raw materials. By meeting our customer’s needs and desires along with the natural beauty of our materials, we believe we have created the perfect formula for furniture. In today’s fast paced life we often give a very little thought to relishing outdoor experience, be it an office or a personal leisure. Our product range will help you set the mood for what your heart desires. Join us, and experience the natural custom comfort, that Lavishline can offer.

Quality Check and its features

Quality is the most important aspect to us at Lavishline. Quality of fiber, fabric, frames, hand weaving to even the smallest screw used in our furniture is checked thoroughly and then processed. We deliver the best you deserve. Nature endures, Nature survives rainstorms, strong winds, and hurricanes. So does Lavishline’s furniture. Take our weaving material for example, it is:

  • – UV resistant
  • – Weatherproof and temperature resistant
  • – Strong and durable
  • – Maintenance-free and easy to clean
  • – Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • – Colorfast and scratch-resistant

By offering a variety of materials and styles, Lavishline can help weave the beauty and resilience of nature into your home, without sacrificing comfort.

Process of Making

We are furniture architects and like to create something unique rite from Designing the master pieces to Finishing it to perfection.

“Handcrafted by the world’s skillful weavers, each and every piece of woven lavishline furniture is unique.”
Lavishline works exclusively with the master craftspeople of india , whose world-renowned weaving skills help set lavishline apart. At our furniture production facility at luna vadodara , we subject every piece of handwoven piece to multiple  test .


Our clientele includes international companies, public-listed companies and multi-national companies. Some of our public-listed clients are: